Welcome to my life story

I have discovered that I have followers and want to thank them for taking the time and having the interest.  You might want to check out my other blog, ” Elemental Diffusion @ Word Press as well.  There are more postings there.  I’ll do my best to keep up on the writing end and appreciate it when someone reads what I have to say.  Thanks again.  I’ll be writing more soon.


About Elemental Diffusion

Quiet, laid-back, spiritually focused, a seeker of truth....difficult, opinionated...living more inside, participating less, observing more...thoughtful, analytic, keeping to myself --but need an outlet, a place to write so my head won't explode and I can stay fairly sane....old enough and experienced enough to have learned a few things along the way ---mostly the hard-way....Here, I expect to hold little back and write about a variety of life stories and about the people in my life and other strange encounters.
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