Say, can you spare some change?

Time passes so quickly.  It’s been nearly six months now since Dennis died.  Slowly we’ve adjusted to our loss.  Life goes on.

Of course, this means I’m busier and working twice as hard to help our son.  I’ve taken up painting animals –mostly cats, for some reason.  In real life, I actually prefer big dogs and have a black Lab named Cecil who turns 8 soon.  He goes with me most times when I leave the house and we regularly take walks of up to 10 blocks which isn’t too bad considering he’s carrying an extra 20 lbs. and I had a back injury who knows how long ago (I tend to just “let go” of the details once they become the past).  I have three cats, though and grew up on a stock-farm with all kinds of assorted critters.  My room-mate calls me EllieMay because I like to braid my hair and wear overalls around the house in the summer when I can wear something other than sweats to stay warm.  It gets pretty cold around here in the winter.

My painting is by no means even close to being professional but good enough that I’ve been offered money for a couple of them and given them away as gifts but mostly, I’m just hanging on to them.  Thinking about entering them in the local State Fair later this summer.  Painting has become a sometimes obsession and a new focus in my life but I don’t always have time for it but the more I do it, the better it becomes.  I need something like that in my life. My brother-in-law has a friend who has a small gallery and said when I have enough to show, he’ll arrange it.  But, at the time, only about half of the paintings are good enough to be put into an art-show but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also giving some thought to moving to a beautiful place 5-hrs. from here.  I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life here.  With Dennis gone, I’m free to move out of state and I realize even more how precious life is.  My house is paid for…….why not move?  I’m still weighing my options and since I don’t rush into things, a final decision may take some time.  Will there even BE enough time?  Sometimes I wonder about that…..It would be a nice renewal. A new life and a new begining.  I could use some excitement and in addition, a motive to get rid of the 25-yrs of accumulation that surrounds me.  I have had more possessions than house for quite some time now.

So, I’ll really try to write more often.  Writing is a wonderful outlet.  I’ll try to come back soon.


About Elemental Diffusion

Quiet, laid-back, spiritually focused, a seeker of truth....difficult, more inside, participating less, observing more...thoughtful, analytic, keeping to myself --but need an outlet, a place to write so my head won't explode and I can stay fairly sane....old enough and experienced enough to have learned a few things along the way ---mostly the hard-way....Here, I expect to hold little back and write about a variety of life stories and about the people in my life and other strange encounters.
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